Would you rather quotes

Would you rather live in a world with no one or live in a real world with everyone?

WYR want an easy job with less salary or hard job with more salary?

Would U rather be aoor person still donating something or be a rich man by hurting people?

Wud you rather live thout food or without water?

Would u rather want to bevisible person or be an immortal person?

Would you want to transprt 500 years into past or 500 years into future?

Would you rather want to know when you are going to die but you can’t change it or want to have a sudden death?

WYR not be able to ue a computer or never be able to use a smartphone?

Would you like to smell e a poop but no one can smell it or would you like to smell poop and everyone knows about it?

  • Would u rather eat a cockroach or be an eatable thing to cockroach