Would You Rather Game – Incredible Questions

Here We are Present You Would You rather game Questions For all generations of People like you. You Can ask Would You rather game Questions to your Kids, partners and also friends and family members. These are Clean Would You rather Questions which are funny to have the conversation or chit-chat between anybody.Even teens show interest on asking these type of Would You rather Questions. In the 2017 year, these are the best Would You rather questions to have fun.Play this would you rather game for children, couples and everyone which is called as an addicting game of 2017.

Would you rather game – would you rather questions:

Would you rather game, WYR game, is a very funny and strange game that contains Would you rather questions. These questions are impossible to answer(Not for all). These are the hardest questions that a person cannot answer easily.

We have collected and provided a lot of Would you rather questions that gives you lot of fun and entertainment. Some are quite deep in Would You rather Questions, some are ridiculous and some are just fun to answer. There are also some Would You rather Game Questions which are very hard to answer.

Would you rather game helps in starting a conversation in a funny and interesting way. If you add a “why” after getting answer for a WYR question, it initiates a very nice conversation. This game helps in knowing about a person with whom you are talking too.

Would you rather – How to play Would You rather Game ?

Following are the steps to be followed to play this game.

  • At least two people should be playing with a person hosting the game or you can play as 2 teams if more people are there.
  • Host has to choose a player to play first from team A and he asks a Would you rather question to another person in Team B.
  • Team B person has to answer the question and now vice versa.
  • This process continues until either a person cannot answer to a WUR question or out of ideas to ask a WUR question.
  • The team which could not answer or could not ask a question declared to be lost.

Would you rather questions for you :

Following are some of the best WYR questions which you can use these in your Would you rather game.

  • Would you rather be a full body hairy person or be a bald person?
  • Would you rather gain 5 inches of height or be a millionaire?
  • Would you rather cry giving hot tears or cold tears that freeze?
  • WUR be a talking animal in a human school or a talking human in an animal school?
  • Would you rather suck off a dog and no one get to know about it, or you do not suck off a dog and everyone think you did?
  • Would you rather be a 25-year-old person with 5 years of life span? Or be an 80 years old person with immortality?
  • WYR accidentally be responsible for the death of a child or an old man?
  • WYR want your shirt size 3 inches more or 3 inches small?

Would You rather Questions for picnic game:

  • Would you rather live in a virtual world with no one or live in a real world with everyone?
  • WYR want an easy job with less salary or hard job with more salary?
  • Would U rather be a poor person still donating something or be a rich man by hurting people?
  • Wud you rather live without food or without water?
  • Would u rather want to be an invisible person or be an immortal person?
  • Would you want to transport 500 years into past or 500 years into future?
  • Would you rather want to know when you are going to die but you can’t change it or want to have a sudden death?
  • WYR not be able to use a computer or never be able to use a smartphone?
  • Would you like to smell like a poop but no one can smell it or would you like to smell poop and everyone knows about it?
  • Would u rather eat a cockroach or be an eatable thing to cockroach?
  • Would you rather have dung on your face or your face in dung?
  • Would you rather be a dumb person or a deaf person?

Would u rather game Online:

Would you rather Questions to ask your Girlfriend/boyFriend.You can talk dirty to only your closest ones in your life like GF or Wife. Ask Would you rather Dirty Questions to the partner makes the life more exciting. So be sexually close to your partner by asking these would you rather dirty Questions for guys and girls.Make sure that these questions are given to develop the closeness between a couple .If you try with the person who is friend-zoned you might face problems.So carefully ask to the person you really want to play this would you rather game with fun on free times and enjoy.

These Would you rather game questions helps to establish a conversation with strangers. Boys uses these type of questions to impress girls. These WYR questions gives rise to interesting conversations between strangers.

Some of the WYR questions sound stupid and no meaning  but gives lot of fun. These type of questions are best to be asked in a friend group who are playing Would you rather game.

This WYR game is an interesting game and funny game. Use the above WYR questions and think yourself for getting amazing and awesome questions and have fun. You can enjoy by adding more Would you rather questions that are related to the persons age group and mentality to make this Would u rather game more funny.